Thursday, March 8, 2012

how to setup voicemail for metro pcs cellphone

setting up your voicemail for the first time on your metro pcs phone

  1. hold the #1 button for 2 seconds, this will dial your voicemail center automatically.
  2. the system will ask for your temporally password, please enter 9999 follow by a # sign.
  3. then the system will ask you to create a new 4 digits password,think of something easy and something you won't forget. enter it again with # sign at the end.
  4. press 1 for computer generated automatic message, or press 2 for your own personal greeting.
  5. press # to complete the setup.
  6. done.
the system will always ask for that 4 digits password every time listen to voicemail,unless if you want to skip password check.
  1. hold 1 for 2 seconds to call voicemail
  2. enter 4 digits password and # when system prompts
  3. press option 4 for personal options
  4. then press option 2 for administrative options
  5. then password option press 1
  6. to turn skip password on or off press 2
  7. press 1 again for skip password on.
  8. hang up
  9. done


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  4. Every time I try to set my voicemail up, it asks me for my temporally password and I put the 9999 followed by the #, but it always tells me its incorrect. What should I do?

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  6. worked like a charm... temp password is the last 4 digits of your phone number.. pretty simple really.. thankyou for sharing

  7. I press and hold 1 but it says call an not be completed as dialed

  8. This is great help, and very quickly i had done it. thanks a lot for the help.
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