Thursday, March 8, 2012

forgot voicemail password for metro pcs how to retrive password

how to retrive your voicemail password on the phone metro pcs

    1. Dial 611 on your Metro pcs cell phone to enter myMetro.
    2. Select the third option on your screen labeled "myMetro Settings."
    3. Select the third option on your screen labeled "Reset Voicemail PIN."
    4. Enter your Metro PCS account password. If you can't remember your password, enter what you think it might be. If it is incorrect, you will be given the option to select a "forgot password" function, which will connect you to Metro PCS for assistance.
    5. Verify you would like to reset your voice mail by selecting "Yes, Reset PIN." A new PIN will appear on the screen.
    6. Use this PIN to log into your voice mail. You will be asked to choose a new password again.
  1. option 2 will be calling metro pcs customer care @888-863-8768, speak to a representative and they will set it back to 9999.

how to setup voicemail for metro pcs cellphone

setting up your voicemail for the first time on your metro pcs phone

  1. hold the #1 button for 2 seconds, this will dial your voicemail center automatically.
  2. the system will ask for your temporally password, please enter 9999 follow by a # sign.
  3. then the system will ask you to create a new 4 digits password,think of something easy and something you won't forget. enter it again with # sign at the end.
  4. press 1 for computer generated automatic message, or press 2 for your own personal greeting.
  5. press # to complete the setup.
  6. done.
the system will always ask for that 4 digits password every time listen to voicemail,unless if you want to skip password check.
  1. hold 1 for 2 seconds to call voicemail
  2. enter 4 digits password and # when system prompts
  3. press option 4 for personal options
  4. then press option 2 for administrative options
  5. then password option press 1
  6. to turn skip password on or off press 2
  7. press 1 again for skip password on.
  8. hang up
  9. done